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As the cloud mining provider mines cryptocurrency, users receive a share of the rewards proportional to the amount of hashing power they've purchased. These rewards are typically paid out daily or weekly, depending on the provider's policies.

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Faq Questions

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Can I try cloud mining for free?
Yes! Especially to introduce our users to cloud mining there is an opportunity for new customers to activate a free demo contract.
How will I get the money?
Earnings for any of the contracts will be available in your personal account, on our website .
How many contracts can I buy?
The number of contracts per user is unlimited, except for promotional contracts and special offers.
When will I get my income?
First payments for your contract will begin to arrive in your wallet the day after your purchase
How can I pay for the contract?
For your comfort, we accept all kinds of payments. You can pay for the contract with cryptocurrencies, bank cards, bank transfer.

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